Starting January 31, 2018 Tello UK services will no longer be available.
Please contact our Support team for assistance during the port-out process. Thank you!

Why should I join Tello?

No contract shackles

No early termination fees. Stay as long as you like. We’ll do our best to keep you around!

Nationwide coverage

Our 3G & 4G network reaches 97% of the population. Forget about dropped calls, loading issues and slow data speeds.

We do prepaid

You won’t be surprised by extra charges or fine print. What you see is what you get!

Free SIM

Every penny matters, right? Start using the service and the SIM card is our gift to you!

Say goodbye to loading, with 4G data speed

Faster uploads and downloads, quicker web browsing, better video viewing experiences. Doesn’t this sound like web heaven?

Easy to join

You can bring your own 3G or 4G phone and even keep your phone number. Say goodbye to your old service and say hello with Tello. Piece of cake!

What’s different?

Flexible plans

Adapt your plan to your needs. Build your own custom plan and upgrade or downgrade it anytime, with no fuss.

Up-front rates

Just clear rates per minute. No dealing with hidden fees or complex terms and conditions.

It’s online, so it’s easier

And faster. And always at your fingertips. Forget about queues, time spent in traffic and endless paperwork.

24/7 live support.
No robots involved

Our friendly Customer Service team will answer in less than 5 seconds. You can ask for their help in English, Spanish, Italian or French.

We work to get you the best deals

Rates are important to you. You are important to us. Simple math! We try our best to offer you the lowest rates.

Tether away for free

Sharing is caring, even when talking about data. Use the tethering setting to share data free of charge with your friends or with all your other devices.

Pay As You Go

Have you run out of data? Do you need more minutes than your plan's balance? Add Pay As You Go credit to your active plan and use it for minutes, texts and data within the UK or for international minutes or texts to any country in the world.
Say hello to Tello