Starting January 31, 2018 Tello UK services will no longer be available.
Please contact our Support team for assistance during the port-out process. Thank you!

Will my phone work with Tello?

3G or 4G compatible

Your phone needs to be at least 3G, because 2G devices cannot be enrolled. If you are not sure about your device specifications, you can contact your phone manufacturer.
Tello is using 3G and 4G technologies, which leads to high speed data and high voice quality.

Unlocked device

You can use Tello from any unlocked phone.
If your phone is locked to another network, please contact the operator to provide you the unlocking code.

Within coverage

Tello currently covers over 97% of the UK and is continuously expanding its coverage area. Tello runs on one of the fastest growing mobile networks in UK.

Check Tello coverage map here